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    KVICHAK/MARCO Pollution Control Products

    Specialty Products and Designs

      SORT 33m Special Oil Recovery Tug
    Number in service: 1
    First proposed in a paper presented at the 1990 International Tug and Salvage Symposium in Genoa, Italy, the prototype SORT 33 was built for China Petroleum Corporation in 1994 under MARCO license at Lien Ho Shipyards in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC. It is a fully functional 4000 horsepower ship-assist and line-towing tractor tug. It is also a fire-fighting vessel and oil recovery vessel. It is fitted with 2 KVICHAK/MARCO Filterbelts mounted athwartships in a special "oil recovery room" located below decks just forward of the superstructure. It has a recovered oil capacity of 100 m3. It is on duty at the deepwater oil port at Tao Yuan. Its primary mission is to assist arriving and departing tankers. Its secondary mission is to stand by during oil transfer operations to provide first-strike fire-fighting and oil spill clean-up.

      KML 38 Convertible Oil Recovery Vessel
    Number in service: 2
    Designed and built in 1999, this vessel is a fast response boom boat, stationary skimmer and advancing skimmer in a single package. It comes equipped with interchangeable KVICHAK/MARCO Filterbelt and LORI Brush cassettes in the patented LORI Recovery Channel, twin diesel propulsion and bow thruster.

      Fast Cat 120
    A very high-speed (26 knots+) 35-meter oil recovery vessel for the Arabian Gulf. Designed in cooperation with Båtservice Industrier of Norway for Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO), they feature a 120-cm wide belt module. Two were built in 1992 and are on station at Ras Tanura to provide fast response to spills in the region.

      Barge "CGA 200"
    Known as the world’s largest skimmer, the CGA 200 was built in 1985 for Clean Gulf Associates. The 49-meter barge was equipped with four 90 cm KVICHAK/MARCO Filterbelt Modules as a means of protecting the Gulf of Mexico in the event of a well blowout.

      Towed Oil Recovery Vessel (TOR 36)
    This vessel was designed for an Indonesian Oil Company to handle spills of the extraordinarily viscous (almost solid) crude oil. A secondary conveyor is used to continuously discharge oil to a hopper barge, which mates to the skimmer. This feature makes it unique among KVICHAK/MARCO’s products.